American Lady Who Declared Her Nigerian Husband Missing, Gets Warned By His Alleged Nigerian Wife To Stay Away.


The story behind Lisa L Flowers and Nelson En’ebary, is beginning to become mysterious, after the latter was declared dead by his father in a video which was shared online.

According to Nelson’s family, they were called by his friends that Nelson just woke up from the sleep and was gasping for air. He was rushed to two hospitals but they all said they could not attend to him.

In a new development, Nelson’s alleged Nigerian wife, had a chat with Nigerian Lawyer, Aishatu Ella John, to warn Lisa to keep her distance.

Aishatu Ella John, who shared screenshot of her chat with Nelson’s wife, wrote;

“So the Lisa L. Flowers vs Nelson En’ebary case just blew wide open.
Apparently his Supposed Nigerian wife saw the post I made yesterday tagging Jennifer Chioma Owolabi and Lisa, a summary of the case so far. That ticked off the woman claiming to be his wife and she came to my inbox and Jennys. She said Lisa should leave her husband alone and bla bla bla. However she seems not to understand that because Lisa married Nelson in a registry she is currently the wife recognized by law.

Seems the whole family is in on the fraud and while it lasted they fed fat on whatever he could get from Lisa even his father who made the silly video, his so called church friends, his brothers, his sisters, all of them shameless beings.

Like I advised Lisa Earlier report to the Police and EFCC, hopefully she has a record of transfers she made to him while the sham lasted so the bunch of thieves can return every kobo and cool off small in prison.

It is not okay to defraud a woman because the color of her skin is different.
It is not okay for a woman to be with a man who thinks this is okay.
It is not okay for a family to be this shameless and stupid. These idiots give us Nigerians a bad name and I will shame them.

Please nobody should come and blame the victim here. This is a well organized scam all his family was in on it, see the pictures on her wall every freaking one of them. They must have made all sorts of financial demands on the poor woman and drained her.
I feel very bad for Lisa and hopes she recovers financially and emotionally from this scam.

I hope she also realises from how we all fought for her that Nigerians are not all scams and we do not tolerate or accept this despicable family’s behavior as normal.”



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