Conor McGregor Unveils His Own Irish Whiskey Called Notorious And Could See Him Make Up Too $100M


Conor McGregor has used his high-profile bout with Floyd Mayweather to plug his own brand of whiskey – and he says he’s going to dominate the drinks market with it.

The Irish mixed martial artist says he plans to “take over the Irish whiskey market” with the Notorious-branded drink.

Speaking at the post-fight press conference, the fighter shoehorned in a big plug for his product, saying: “Boy that whiskey tastes so good. Oh s***, keep an eye out for it.”

Dressed in a cream suit adorned with colourful paisley patterns, he repeatedly swigged from a glass of the whiskey – making sure it appeared in the majority of press pack’s photos.

Irish whiskey is generally milder and smoother than Scotch whisky, because peat is not often used in the malting process, and it undergoes triple distillation.

Despite earning an estimated $100m from the fight, McGregor is clearly aware that there’s potentially serious money to be made outside the ring.

He’s already set up a clothing line called August McGregor – which he says will “rival Net-A-Porter”.

It’s a collaboration between McGregor and California-based tailor David Heil, the founder of David August.

McGregor also has sponsorship agreements in place with Beats by Dre and Monster Energy.


He’s not the first sports star to try to crack the spirits business; David Beckham is the face of Haig Club grain whisky, while Mila Kunis has made ads for Jim Beam bourbon.

Channing Tatum has his own vodka brand called Born and Bred, while Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has a mescal and tequila blend.

But the undisputed celebrity king of the drinks business is Diddy, who gets a cut of all Ciroc profits as part of a marketing deal. It’s a deal that’s earned him up to $100m (£77m).


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