Dating A Married Man Is Not A Big Deal, GOD Permits It – Ghanaian Singer, Mzbel


Ghanaian singer, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah better known as Mzbel, has professed that God is not against ladies dating married men, adding that it is not a big deal.

In a radio interview, the controversial entertainer said there is nothing wrong with dating a married man because her religion allows it.

She stated that a lady is also allowed to be with a married man as long as the woman is not a virgin.

According to her: “My religion allows a man to marry as many as he wants so the ladies in Judaism accept the act. So far as he takes good care of you and does not give you problem, then you are good to be with him. Dating or marrying married man is not a big deal.

“The lady can also marry a married man but it has to be just one person in your life unlike a man who is allowed to marry even more than twenty women and be decent with them. If I am dating a married man I won’t be ashamed of it.

“I am not dating a married man but if I am, I won’t be ashamed of it because God permits it. In the old testament, Solomon and others had plenty concubines. The only thing a married man cannot do is to take another man’s wife.”

In the year 2002, Mzbel had the opportunity to work with Hush Hush Studios, which at that time had come on the scene as a new production firm. While at Hush Hush, she sometimes would be asked into the studio, and as the technicians played their instruments, she sang along, songs she had created. These were songs she would usually sing to herself with no serious intention of pursuing a music career. While working part – time at Hush Hush Studios, she secured another job, at Metro TV as the only digital video editor and also producer for ‘Smash TV’, a weekend entertainment programme.

From Metro TV, she was employed by Apex Advertising as a video editor and production manager. She had to combine Music and her job roles at Apex, and when she found the two overly demanding, Mzbel chose to give the music the full span of her attention. Over time, she has been criticized for her choice of clothes which have been described as “sexy” or “skimpy”.


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