Davido Spits Out Bitter Truth About Meek Mill’s Legal Ordeal


Davido who had once worked with Meek Mill on his song “Fans Mi” has reacted to current legal ordeal facing the Philadelphia rapper.

Meek Mill has been sentenced to between two and four years in prison for violating his parole with two arrests, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer: one for fighting and another for reckless driving.

The Philadelphia rapper – real name Robert Williams – has been on parole since autumn 2009, following a spell in prison on drugs and weapons charges.

In March this year, the 30-year-old was arrested after a fight in St Louis airport and in August he was arrested on a charge of reckless driving.

Although both charges were later dropped, the judge said the arrests violated Mill’s parole. He was immediately taken into custody.

Davido felt sorry for Meek Mill because he was seen walking alone into the court, despite his battalion followers.

Here is what O.B.O said;

razy how meek be in the club with a 100 niggas, but walking into that courtroom alone!! Says a lot about life! A word is enof for the wise


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