“Do Women Get Tired Of The Same D-ick?” – Toyin Lawani Questions.


Thought provoking question for you ladies and it was thrown by a lady herself, so y’all be honest and spill the truth!

Celebrity Stylist, Toyin Lawani, threw this question on her IG page some hours ago, asking if women get tired of the same d-ick.


We all know how “some” ladies like to be spontaneous and explore variety of things but should a man’s genitals be one of those things ?!

Realistically, doing the same thing, rather, having the same thing over and over again becomes boring and so you wanna try something new… Take this metaphor for instance,

All your life, you’ve been having MILO beverage, but then, you knew about Bournvita, Ovaltine, and the likes, wouldn’t you want to “test” these other beverages just to know your preference?

Now that’s just a metaphor but a man’s genitals is a different case entirely… it’s… what’s the word? “SACRED” and from what we know and have read, size… sometimes doesn’t matter… you just have to know how to get your partner to please in ways you find appeasing.

But the real question now is, what if size is your preference?! Hehe… Enough of this epistle and let’s hear your thoughts!


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