Fans dig up 2015 posts where Adesua Etomi said she’d go natural on her wedding day, but she didn’t (photos)


The hole you’re living in must really be a deep one for you not to be aware of all the fuss of #BAAD2017!

Social media has been clouded with reports and photos of the glamorous event that featured some of Nigeria’s finest celebrities. (See here for photos)

Well, you know how Nigerian social media can go all Sherlock Holmes when it comes to happenstances like this yeah?

Well, just like they dug out a report from last year when Banky said he wanted a low key wedding , well, they’ve dug out one for his bride and this has to do with her hairstyle.

So sometime, in 27 July, 2015, presumably the time when it was the trend of keeping Natural hair and all, Aunt Susu, who partook in the trend, was so engrossed in it that she even said she’d rock the style on her big day.

Well, fast forward to recently, her big day came and oh well… We don’t see anything natural on her hair, do we?

A fan of course pointed it out!

Hmph! She’s still gorgeous though… any which way!


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