Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeats Conor McGregor with 10th Round T.K.O!


The face of boxing for over a decade now, Floyd Mayweather Jr. returned to the ring early this morning in the highly publicized fight against U.F.C champ and first-time boxer Conor McGregor.

The fight was surprisingly well-matched but Mayweather was eventually too much for McGregor and by the 10th round had him backed on the ropes with a series of rights and lefts. MrGregor’s face was bloodied and he was just about to fall off the ring when the referee stepped in to stop the fight with 1:55 to go in the round.

Mayweather said after the match:

“I gave the fans what they wanted to see. I told them that I owed them for the Pacquiao fight. I must come straight ahead and give them a show.”

The victory brings Mayweather’s career tally to 50-0, a stellar a career with 50 wins out of 50 fights with 27 of those coming form of KOs. He has tagged this fight as his career’s last and it was a truly fitting end for the champ.

More photos below:



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