Meet Jacob, the most popular gate man in Nigeria


Being a gate man to Nigeria’s male barbie and self acclaimed Snapchat king Bobrisky, has its own perks. This is one of it.

Jacob, who looks like he is in his late twenties first hit the limelight after his boss showcased him in one of his videos released earlier in 2017.

Since then, the name Jacob or Jaykurrrrrrrrb as Bobrisky calls him has been registered in the minds of many Nigerians.

Jacob dances to the latest songs, wears good clothes and he was recently given an Iphone 6 which is currently worth over N200k, courtesy of his cross-dresser boss.

To further show that Jaykurrb might be the coolest gate man in Nigeria, a popular Nigerian singer, McGalaxy made a song for him titled ‘Jacurb Dance’ and promised to give him some percentage from the sales of the song.

Bobrisky recently revealed he is doing everything he’s doing for Jacob because he is the only friend he has that is loyal.

“…Honestly I don’t keep friends because I notice they get jealous and I don’t know ‍why. The only close friend I have now is JACOB my gate man. He is a loyal servant. The iPhone 6 I bought for him is not enough for his kindness and honesty. My bae monitors me through him a lot but he is a loyal boy.”

Aside from enjoying the social media buzz, it is amazing to note that most people who want to get across to Bobrisky try to do so via Jacob. In fact, when the Nigerian male barbie doll was arrested recently and Jacob was contacted to speak on the arrest, he kept mute as against what many expected.

He is also a ladies’ man. See video below:

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Instead of manning the gate that is his perceived duty post, Jacob is majorly seen dancing to latest songs with his boss in their well-furnished apartment in a highbrow area in Lagos.

Although Jacob does not have any social media account in his name, the fame he enjoys through his boss’ page is much more than some people who do.

Just recently, Jacob met with Nigerian singer MC Galaxy but that’s by the way. The real gist is, he was spotted rocking Zanotti designer shoes worth $1,425 which cost 513,000 in naira.

Since then, some have been arguing, saying the shoe might be a replica of the expensive version.

The price tag on the official Giuseppe Zanotti website is $1,425 (N513,000), but with the black Friday sales going on it’s currently on sale for $998 (N325,000).

Isn’t Jacob the coolest gateman you’ve ever seen?

Credit: NAIJ


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