“Your mom won’t ever be happy about your existence” – Burnaboy blasts follower who questioned his English


Burna boy was having none of it when he tweeted in Pidgin English and a fan shamed him for it.

Burna boy had tweeted about forming a ‘New School Mo hits’ as the old one was legendary, but no more.

“Omo as Mo Hits no dey again we for start New School Mo Hits na. Who dey game?”, He tweeted.

An ‘oversabi’ fan who apparently, didn’t get that the tweets was in Pidgin English decided to shame burna for his choice of words.

The fan wrote, “Your primary school would not be happy about your English. Mr man go and read your book.”

Upon seeing this, Burna didn’t hesitate to fire back at his critic.

“Na your MAMA no go ever happy about your existence! whoever gave you twitter forgot to give you sense. It’s called Broken English ode”, Burna boy responded.

See the exchange below:



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